Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Assembly looming

Tomorrow I will start to assemble the Pred into sections. Every thing keys so well I can get away with painting in sections.
There is a small amount of puttying to do on the chin of an Alien I just noticed.
I will start with the base I think, painting then assembling after.

More spraying and the spikes

Today I sprayed the rest of the Predator up.
Also I added spikes to the head,cheers and top of arm.
These really make the Pred look menacing I feel.
I couldn't get porcupine spines but used bristles off the garden broom cut to size.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Started priming

Today I started priming the Pred kit.
I'll start with the base, alien head,arm and tail.
The tail was pinned and the tail spike glued in place.
Here you can see the base roughly assembled.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Predator given his bath

So I cleaned up the seam lines, of which there were hardly any, and then drilled holes for the metal hoops etc.
After that I gave Predator a bath in detergent and scrubbed all over with a tooth brush to get rid of any mold release before priming.

Metal parts laid out

Here are some of the hoops,chains and hooks I will be using in the Predator build.
I have to find some small pins so off to the craft shop tomorrow for them hopefully.

Joe Dunaway

Joe Dunaway painted the Death Warrior in that video.
A awsome kit builder and I will take some inspiration in what he did to this version.
Joe's fabulous work can be found at www.modelzone.com where you can commision him to build something for you should you so wish.

Link : www.modelzone.com

Predatorstuff Reviews Narin's Death Warrior Predator Kit!

Death Warrior Predator :Introduction

So the aim of the blog will be to follow mmy build up of the Death Warrior Predator.
Some backgound on the kit; It is sculpted by master sculptor Narin. Narin has sculpted a shed load of Predator and Alien kits some of which reside in my collection.
No one does Preds like Narin.
This kit will stand around 16'' tall when complete and is cast in resin.
One big mutha!!
Check out this clip from Youtube reviewed by Dan from www.predatorstuff.com